wser50 folding arm motor


Remote Control Motor
retractable awning motor

Product Description

The WSER50 retractable awning motor are designed to automatically set their inner limit based on tension. It will also allow you to set the inner limit manually if you require.

When using the auto inner limit setting, the outer limit is set manually using the remote and it will find its own inner stopping position by detecting the resistance as it reaches the fully closed position the first time it is closed. After this, the motor will stop in this position after detecting an increased resistance of 25% while moving.

On larger retractable awnings, 25% is sometimes not enough so you can increase this to 50%, 75% or 100% if required. It’s rare to need this adjustment but it’s a good feature to have.

When used with Sun/Wind sensors or Motion sensors, this motor detects a pulse from the sensor issued every 20 minutes. If the awning is out and does not receive a signal from the sensor for half an hour, it will close itself automatically as a protective measure assuming the sensor has failed or the batteries are drained.

This safety feature is the main reason you should always choose this motor for retractable awnings if a sensor is going to be used.

  • 7 year replacement warranty
  • Electronic limit switch
  • Built-in receiver
  • Wireless limit setting
  • External antenna

120V/60HzType 30/16Type 50/16
Rated Torque (N.m)3050
Output Speed (rpm)1616
Nominal Consumption (W)186280
Nominal Voltage (V)120120
Nominal Current (A)1.602.40
Running Time (Mins)44
Protection Index (IP)4444
Total Length (in)23.6224.80
Maximum Turnsinfinityinfinity
Net Weight (lb)5.405.84