RC007 Receiver

alpha receiver

Receiver for high capacity motors.
Up to 500 watts lighting control.

RC007 Instructions – click here

Product Description

Wall mount receiver for high capacity motors with up to 1600 watts current draw. Suitable for all Alpha 4 core motors. Has the option of lighting control with up 500 watts output. Can be used with up to 15 remote controls.

RC007 Specs

  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Coding: Rolling
  • Max output power: 1600W
  • Voltage: 230VAC / 50Hz, 120VAC / 60Hz
  • Receiving distance: up to 320 feet
  • Size: 6.61 inches × 4.96 inches × 2.63 inches


RC007 Receiver
RC007 Receiver