Power requirements: A/C 110v (60 Hz)
Effective transmission distance (line of site): more than 300 feet
Number of channels: 1
Frequency: 433.92
Code system: Rolling

The RE-DCE is a single channel Alpha remote control, which can be plugged into permanent power and connected to external control systems or switches. This device allows Alpha WSER series remote controlled motors to be operated by any device that can provide temporary contact closures, like relays in a control system, or switches on a wall plate.

Please read the “Notes” section on page 2, as it contains important information for the reliable operation of this device. This information is particularly crucial for the programmer if being used with an automation system.


1. Plug RE-DCE into power.
2. Switch the RE-DCE on via the on/off switch on the side.
3. Using the motors original remote (and channel), press UP and DOWN together then release, then press stop 8 times. The motor will jiggle.
4. (within 10 seconds of step 3) press the inset “programming” button on the side of the RE-DCE. The light should come on and the motor should jiggle. If not, repeat steps 3 and 4 ensuring the on/off switch is set to on.


(The Common wire is Black)
Send UP command: Short the Common and Yellow wire together for 1 second then release.

Send DOWN command: Short the Common and Blue wire together for 1 second then release.

Send STOP command: Short the Common and Red wire together for 1 second then release.


The RE-DCE is a powerful device that can operate equipment from 300 feet away, however certain types of structure like concrete slabs and solid brickwork can diminish the effective reception distance of the unit, as can RF noise from other equipment. In certain situations it may be necessary to locate the unit closer to the blinds it is controlling. This can be done by providing additional wiring between the RE-DCE and the controlling equipment to extend the control wires. You will also need to provide local power to the unit.

Under most circumstances the RE-DCE will work perfectly well sitting behind the control processor it is connected to.

It is not recommended to position this item inside a metal structure such as an equipment rack.


1. Do not connect the wires together for any longer than 1 second unless required to perform a function requiring a longer connection, like holding stop for 2 seconds to access a third limit if set.

2. The RE-DCE will continue to transmit as long as the wires are joined but the motor only needs a quick signal to operate. So treat the wire connections like they are button presses on a normal remote as that’s essentially what they are.

3. If using several RE-DCE’s on the same job, more than one should not be activated at the same time as the transmitted signals may interfere with each other and cause reliability problems. This is true of any device that transmits RF, particularly if on the same frequency. Any control system should be programmed to operate multiple RE-DCE in a staggered manner so that no more than one is transmitting at a time.

If multiple blinds need to start and stop at the same time as well as have independent control, then use an extra RE-DCE to do the group control as well as the independent ones for individual control.

4. Never connect the RE-DCE to switches that lock as the item will continue to transmit for as long as the switch is in a locked position. Non-locking, spring loaded press and release buttons are best if using with wall switches.

5. Don’t use the RE-DCE to setup motors. Always set them up using a regular remote which should stay with the job for future alterations etc. Assign the RE-DCE as a second source of control. It’s possible to use it for setup but it won’t be friendly to do.