As a general rule, it is easiest to run the motor to either the top or bottom limit prior to connecting a shutter or mounting a blind. Then connect or mount the shutter or blind in the position of that limit.

Example for shutters using octagonal tube and connecting straps

Insert the shutter slats into the channels so that the shutters are fully closed, then install the motor and tube into the head box. Run the motor in the downward direction until it stops at its factory set limit. Now connect the slats to the tube and start the motor running upwards. Unless the shutter is very small, the upper factory limit will be reached before the shutter has fully opened (usually only a few turns). At this time start turning the adjustment for the upwards direction to increase the distance (+) and provided there is still power being fed to the motor, it will move in small increments upwards. Stop turning when the desired height is reached.

You can make fine adjustments by making small turns of the adjustment, then running the motor away from the limit a small distance and back to test the position.

NEVER allow the motor to rotate beyond the desired stopping point as it could damage both the shutters and the motor.