Grouping can be done in a few ways and it can depend on the particular remote being used. Below I will describe the different ways of grouping.
There is automatic grouping on the RE102 or RE302 where if you select the channel that lights up all the LED’s, then they are automatically grouped together. This is pre-programmed and cannot be changed.

Multi-Channel control for RE103 and RE303 series remotes
With the models with screens on them, you have the option of using the multi-mode where you can group channels within the remote itself. This works best if you want to group everything together and there is only one multi-mode per remote control. Instructions below:

1. Hold down centre button under the screen until the channel number starts flashing
2. Use the left and right buttons to select the channels you want to group
3. When a number you want to use is flashing, press the centre button and it will box in that number at the bottom of the screen. If you box in the wrong number, press the same button again to un-box it.
4. Repeat step 3 until all the channels you wish to use together are boxed in.
5. When you are finished press the stop button to return to normal use.

Press the centre button under the screen and you will see the display toggle between “M” for multi and “S” for single.
If you have “S” displayed then you are only controlling motors assigned to the main channel displayed in the top left of the screen.
If you have “M” displayed then you are controlling all the channels boxed in at the bottom of the screen.

Using a spare channel for group operation
If you want to use spare channels on any remote to make a group function, then you simply assign the desired group channel to all the motors you want to include in that group. Each motor will accept up to 15 separate channel assignments.
So if you want to make motors 1,2,3 and 4 a group on channel 10, then simply assign channel 10 to those 4 motors as well as their original channel.

The easiest way is as follows:
1. Make sure remote is in single mode if it has a screen
2. Put remote on channel 1
3. Press up/down then stop 8 times and the motor will jiggle indicating ready to accept another channel
4. Within 10 seconds, move remote to channel 10, then press up/down followed by stop once
5. If successful, motor will jiggle motor 1 is now also on channel 10
6. Put remote onto channel 2 and repeat steps 3–5
7. Put remote onto channel 3 and repeat steps 3–5
8. Put remote onto channel 4 and repeat steps 3–5
9. During this process some motors may have gone into step by step (incremental) mode
10. Put remote on channel 10 and press up/down followed by stop once, then down (this will exit step by step mode)