wser60 universal motor

WSER60 Universal

Remote Control Motor

Product Description

This motor is the super heavy duty version in the WSER family.

Although it’s a universal motor, it’s compatible with extra-large folding arms including the additional safety features provided by motion and wind sensors.

Due to the larger diameter of this motor, the smallest tube it can be used with is a 78mm Gal round tube with keyway, or 70mm octagonal roller shutter tube.

  • 7 year replacement warranty
  • Electronic limit switch
  • Built-in receiver
  • Wireless limit setting
  • External antenna

120V/60HzType 100/15
Rated Torque (N.m)100
Output Speed (rpm)15
Nominal Consumption (W)478
Nominal Voltage (V)120
Nominal Current (A)4.02
Running Time (Mins)4
Protection Index (IP)44
Total Length (in)29.13
Maximum Turnsinfinity
Net Weight (lb)10.47

tubular motor compliance

WSER60 Universal