wser50 tubular motor

WSER50 Universal

Remote Control Motor

Product Description

The WSER50 series Universal motors are a premium motor designed specifically for external straight drop products.

Due to the torque stop function, this motor is ideal for all external drop screen systems. This protective feature can be used to stop on stoppers at the top limit in side channel systems and can also be used to tension the fabric when the shade is down. A top limit is set normally and the torque stop function can be used in conjunction.


  • 45mm diameter
  • Power Specifications – 240V / 50Hz
  • 7 year replacement
  • Electronic limits
  • Built in remote receiver
  • Wireless limit set up

Suitable for: Large internal Blinds, Most External Drop Blinds, and Roller Shutters

This motor is fast, quiet, and perfect for when you want to be able to lock in and tension the blind. Our most popular motor for all types of external drop blinds. Lifts up to 17kg (bottom bar and skin).

120V/60HzType 10/33Type 30/16Type 50/16
Rated Torque (N.m)103050
Output Speed (rpm)331616
Nominal Consumption (W)186186280
Nominal Voltage (V)120120120
Nominal Current (A)1.601.602.40
Running Time (Mins)444
Protection Index (IP)444444
Total Length (in)24.8023.6224.80
Maximum Turnsinfinityinfinityinfinity
Net Weight (lb)5.075.405.84



WSER50 Universal