WSER40Q 6/34 Universal – internal roller blinds

Remote control motor with electronic limits.

Super simple programming.

Suitable for up to 20ft wide x 8ft drop.

WSER Universal Instructions – click here

WSER Series Programming Sequences Guide – click here


Product Description


  • 35mm diameter
  • Power specifications – 120V / 60Hz
  • 7 year replacement warranty
  • Electronic limit switch
  • Built in remote receiver
  • Wireless limit set up
  • External antenna

Perfect for all but the very largest (triple interlinked) internal blinds. Recommended for skin and bar weight up to 12kg on 45mm tube. Supplied ready to slide into Acmeda 43 – 49mm tube and also Blindware 45mm tube. Other crowns and drives to suit different tube are available on request for a small charge.

WSER40 Specs

120V/60HzType 6/34
Rated Torque (N.m)6
Output Speed (rpm)34
Nominal Consumption (W)103
Nominal Voltage (V)120
Nominal Current (A)0.88
Running Time (Mins)4
Protection Index (IP)44
Total Length (in)23.63
Maximum Turnsinfinity
Net Weight (lb)3

    projection screen motorization motorization for roller blinds

WSER40Q 6/34 Universal – internal roller blinds
WSER40Q 6/34 Universal – internal roller blinds