WSEC40 6/34 – internal roller blinds

Easy electronic limits.

Can be parallel wired for convenient and cost saving installation.

Best choice for automation system where electrically controlled 4 core motors are required.

WSEC40 instructions – click here

WSEC Automation Rules – click here

Product Description

Push Button Type

This is an electronic limits 4 core motor that will allow multiple motors to be parallel wired together. The number is only restricted by the power source feeding them.

Limits may be set by using either the WSB11 limit setting tool or by using the button on the motor head.

  • 7 year replacement warranty
  • Electronic limit switch
  • For use with building management systems
  • Parallel wiring compatible
  • Counter balanced noise suppression

120V/60HzType 6/34
Rated Torque (N.m)6
Output Speed (rpm)34
Nominal Consumption (W)103
Nominal Voltage (V)120
Nominal Current (A)0.88
Running Time (Mins)4
Protection Index (IP)44
Total Length (in)23.62
Maximum Turnsinfinity
Net Weight (lb)2.98

 motorization for roller blinds projection screen motorization

tubular motor compliance

WSEC40 6/34 – internal roller blinds
WSEC40 6/34 – internal roller blinds