Alpha manual override motor

WSME50 Electronic

Manual override with electronic limits

Product Description

  • 7 year replacement warranty
  • Electronic limit switch
  • Built-in receiver
  • Wireless limit setting
  • External antenna

This motor has manual override and electronic limits. Unlike most override motors, the electronic limits allow easy installation and programming, as well as the flexibility to be used in cassette systems that block access to typical mechanical limit mechanisms on conventional manual override motors.

WSME50 E Specs

120V/60HzType 15/16
Rated Torque (N.m)50
Output Speed (rpm)16
Nominal Consumption (W)280
Nominal Voltage (V)120
Nominal Current (A)2.40
Running Time (Mins)4
Protection Index (IP)44
Total Length (in)25.80
Maximum Turnsinfinity
Net Weight (lb)5.84

motorized awning

WSME50 Electronic