Step 1

simply purchase the alphaneo device, then download the app from your favourite app store


Step 2

operate the entire alpha range from your smart phone device from any location in the world


Step 3

integration capabilities with both amazon alexa & control 4, integration with google home available soon

remote control app for blinds awnings motorization

AlphaNeo App & Link Box

This app is extremely versatile and easy to set up. It controls motorised products individually, or by area, or the whole house at once from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. All functionality can be scheduled to operate automatically.

Control made easy

Simply purchase the link box and download the free app for either Android or Apple. This app is compatible with all Alpha remote control motors. There is no limit to the number of control devices you can connect. There are 30 control groups (rooms) available and you can add up to 8 blinds per group. Additionally, you can setup up to 25 schedules to automate functionality.

phone app for blind motors

New to Alpha

Contact us to find out more about the AlphaNeo control app